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With more than 30 years of experience, Fugon Landscaping has grown and expanded the coverage of services for landscaping in Annapolis and other areas of Maryland.

Our services are more than cutting down your lawn and basic tree services. We dedicate to providing complete landscaping solutions for residential or commercial outdoor spaces in Annapolis, so they can keep looking their best.

Part of our identity is that we are a compromised family-owned and managed landscape company that aims to collaborate with home and business owners in Annapolis, MD.


A Service Adapted to Annapolis Living Style

Our services wouldn’t have quality standards if we didn’t get involved in the context of the covered areas.

To offer a service indeed adapted to the context of the area, we take care of taking into account every detail.

Annapolis stands out as a colorful and historically enriching city. The city has many open-air spaces, which makes it attractive for those who visit it; this is when we can give you a hand in keeping outdoor spaces aesthetic and striking.

Our landscaping services in Annapolis aim to adapt to the lifestyle of our clients, offering quality in each project.

By hiring our services, you can benefit from highly qualified professionals prepared to adapt to changes in weather seasons and your needs in space, time, and budget.


Our Services

Among our services, you can find different options for creating and maintaining front or back gardens in your home or business.

Whether you need to mow your lawn, create a walkway or hire tree removal in Annapolis, we can handle it on the time and budget you need.

Are you still having any doubts?

Don’t worry; you can contact our friendly customer service, and our agents will gladly clear any doubt you might have regarding our services.

Don’t miss the chance to get top-notch landscaping in Annapolis, MD.

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